Dear you,

I'm sorry because I always mad you but you do it first. I'm not easily mad to someone without any reasons okay. Tapi entah lahh I pun rasa hubungan kita tak akan ke mana if still like this. I know you try to being perfect guy and me to try to be perfect person. We are human. Never perfect. Everyone have their own weakness. I accept all your weakness. I don't know why I become like this. Almost one year half I single and then suddenly someone come into my life. Sedangkan I tak harapkan that relationship because that's not that what I want. That's all 'their' work. I'm not blame them but I blame myself because If I don't like you, I can reject you. Actually, I try to accept someone enter to my life. Now, I know I'm not ready for all this. My heart is nothing. Zero. I just want to be friend with all guy and try to know them. Bukan I kejam but I can't face all this. Seriously, a million sorry from me.


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