On My Birthday

Happy birthday to me :) Yeahh thanks to all wishes everyone in Facebook, Twitter, texting, whatsapp etc. Actually on my birthday this year is nothing. Nothing interested! It's so bored! I can't get my big present like last year. I can't get blow candle on the cake. But I still grateful because I have friends around me. Singing for me. Durrah make voicenote for me. She sing Happy Birthday to me :) Then when at night I on call with AJ and he also record song for me. Live on the phone kott hehe

On my birthday I just sitting at home. Bukan tak nak keluar tapi kaki macam gini still belum sembuh lagi so nak buat macam mana. Just sitting at home! Hmm seriously bored! :'( What I do is just on call with everyone. Because I get free call. Sampai dah lama tak contact dengan Haff teros contact sampai harini. Then just now he made song for me. Okayy ni bukan lagu happy birthday k! Aku tak tahu tajuk lagu ni apa. Aku cari tak jumpa. He changed the lyrics and puts my name in the song then playing with guitar. When I heard okayy I'm melting. Everyday I keep playing that song before I sleep. Sangat sweet! This ramadhan full year I friendship with Haff because I know him ramadhan last year. We iftar together but this year we can't iftar together :( 

I miss Haff. I really wanna meet him!

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