Memang betul kata orang kan, orang yang tipu ni tak akan ke mana. Lama-lama apa yang dia tipu itu akan terbongkar jugak. Hmm itu yang terkena dekat batang hidung sendiri. Kononnyaa nak simpan sebab taknak kasi tahu dia tapi lama-lama dia akan tahu jugak. Yes I admit that I lie to him. Never appear 'istilah' bohong sunat. Lie is lie. Well I'm sorry what I've done to you. Selama berbulan-bulannya I tipu you. And for sure after you find the truth you will hurt and sick with me, right? I have my own reasons why I did this you. Because......... because I don't want to lose you. I don't want our friendship will disappear just like that. I'm tired being all this. I'm sorry.

Last kita contact around bulan April tak silap. That time kita gaduh sebab I tak tahu apa salah I dekat you sampai  you tetiba berubah angin and cakap kau aku. I rasa macam terguris sangat. Why suddenly you become like this? Bila I tanya apa salah I, you tknak kasi tahu. You cakap 'Salah you, you yang buat tak akan tak thu?' The problem is, if I know what is my mistake, no need lahh that I'm asking you. But he still didn't tell me. Okayy just fine. That after that dia cakap dia menyesal kenal dengan aku semua. Siapa tak menangis kalau lelaki cakap macam gitu. Whose know if I know what my mistake, at least I can try to fixed but he didn't give me chance. Then, I surrender. I tell him that I will never disturb him anymore. Sedangkan hati aku tak rela sebenarnya nak cakap macma gitu tapi terpaksa. Terpaksa ;'( But that's just a word. Bila dia nak exam dia mintak maaf and doakan semua. Then when I final exam, I do the same thing like he do before this. He just said 'Goodluck!' That the last we contact until I finish my matriculation we never contact.

But, one day he text me to try check my whatsapp. Then I check. Oh my goshh... He will come to Johor this holiday. Ussually, that's his habit since I know him that he will tell me if he want come to Johor. But aku jee yang selalu terlebih excited tapi dia tak. Well until now already 15 June he never contact me and didn't let me know when he will come to Johor. Actually, I really wanted to meet his little brother that already come to this world a few month ago.

Then this night, I don't know why suddenly I was think about him. Why I feel like want to know evrything about him. So I decide to try call him. When the phone still tutt.... tutt... tutt...  Seriously my heartbeat getting fast until when hear a guy said 'Hello' I'm speechless. He asked why I call him? Actually I miss him but I'm not enough strength to tell him directly. Then he asked about _ _ . I said 'What question you asked to me? lol' Aku nafikan tapi dia cakap tak payah pura-pura. Just tell him the truth. Means since we never contact, he stalk me? But why? And for sure dia memang tak percaya aku dah lepas ni. I admit my mistake because I lie to him. Arghhhh never unexpected! He try to point me? I don't know.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry for everything Azrul Azri.

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