Well hello hellooooo helloooooooo. I'm now ex-student Johor Matriculation Collage okayyyyyy hehehe today I'm back to my home. Well I'm miss home alreadyyy :'( So far everything just fine but sometimes I just was think about home hmm maybe I homesick so much. Before that, I have final exam that PSPM just for 4 subject that is paper Account, Business, Mathematics and Economy. The hardest paper is Economy sob sob sob I can't answer very well because that time paper Economy is the last paper on the last day 30 April that I at matric. At the same time, kata orang jasad dekat situ tapi hati fikiran dah melayang dekat tempat lain dekat rumah lol so how? But apa pun I already try my best to answer all that paper and just praying and tawakal kepada Allah. Everything I just let to Him :)

But the sadness part is spilt with my roomate. In that room just me course account and the others is course science. My paper finish at 12 o'clock so I can back that time but roomate still have paper on 2.30pm. Durrah and Leya sedih sebab I nak balik. Yeahh me too. Leya keep saying that one day maybe I will forget her. No lahh sayang I'm not like that. I remember all my friends :') Yang paling seronok a week before nak balik Durrah keep saying my name. Bila bangun subuh, have another my roomate that is Farah. Selalu dia yang akan kejut kitaorg semua tauu but one day Farah yg kejut Durrah actually but Durrah cakap dia rasa macam aku yg kejut dia padahal tkpun okayy. Okayy benda ni bukan sekali dua tapi tiga kali haaa nampak tk? Belum balik lagi Durrah already miss me hehe dah lahhh si Durrah Faiqah ni paling susah gilerr kalau nak kejut dia bangun. Memang banyak kali lahh nak kena kejut dia "Durrah, bangun Durrah" Dia akan buka mata then tidur balikk hahahaha Durrah Durrah. Tapi kitaorg roomate memang banyak becerita then akan share sesama. If have some knowledge Leya will tell us what she have learn. Yelaa aku ni kan budak account so apa yang pasal sains nanti mesti dia kongsi. Yeahhh I will miss all that things :')