Today 22 Sept I have a date with my bestfriend. Well, can you imagine that almost 9 years we never meet. After plan everything, I thought when I meet him I will akward. Haha but no like I was think. He is very talkactive and noisy. Jumpa macam selalu jumpa haha I don't know how to describe actually. Hmm well actually he suppose treat me lunch only but he paid for everything. Err dia cakap tk payah.Then me was like....  nevermind. First we all meet at KLCC then wacth movie The Intership. Quiet fun actually. Until 4pm we still not taking lunch. Masing masing starving. Plan nak makan Seoul Garden but it's not there. So we change menu. Last-last we are going to Mid Valley and take lunch over there. We choose Secret Recepi as our late lunch. We take same menu spaghetti labognose. Then I see waiter bring a pieces of cake for another customer. Then, I tell Faiz. 'Sedapnyaaaa cake tu Faiz' Then Faiz was likeee 'Err nak lahh tu' Me just smile hehe Faiz said 'Order lah kalau Dyba nak' Hehe horayyy I got New York cheese cake. Thumbs up! Sround 6.30 pm we are going to KL Sentral cause Faiz take a train over there at 8pm. So I accompany him until he going. WellI miss to meet him again. InsyAllah one day. Have a safe journey dude :))
I don't know day by day I didn't feel anything. I know it's my fault because always ignore you but this is me. When I don't feel anything at anyone, I will easy getting bored. I'm sorry. You derseve to find someone else
Today first Sept that I need register to universiti. Hmm so sad cause I will be mahasiswi. Well never mind. It is the time. This is the second I far away from my family. Actually I don't mind at all cause I need to be independent. You're the big girl. When I arrrive here, everyone student business school need to go the camp for 3days 2night at Kuala Kubu Baru, Selangor. I don't have friend at all but I just with my roomate only, Nury and her ftiend Hana. They are pretty girl. Seriously. A quiet fun acctually. Then our orentasion finish early. So apalagi ramai jugak lahh hari khamis dah balik kampung memasing. Well me too! Hehehe.

Now 9 Sept bermula lahh our class. I see my timetable that I have class on Saturday. Blerghhhhh! Whatever it is I need to go. So that all. Later I will updated more guys. Byeee