Today first Sept that I need register to universiti. Hmm so sad cause I will be mahasiswi. Well never mind. It is the time. This is the second I far away from my family. Actually I don't mind at all cause I need to be independent. You're the big girl. When I arrrive here, everyone student business school need to go the camp for 3days 2night at Kuala Kubu Baru, Selangor. I don't have friend at all but I just with my roomate only, Nury and her ftiend Hana. They are pretty girl. Seriously. A quiet fun acctually. Then our orentasion finish early. So apalagi ramai jugak lahh hari khamis dah balik kampung memasing. Well me too! Hehehe.

Now 9 Sept bermula lahh our class. I see my timetable that I have class on Saturday. Blerghhhhh! Whatever it is I need to go. So that all. Later I will updated more guys. Byeee

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