I'm not trust you anymore!

Arrrgghhhhhh!!!! I hate you! I hate you! I hate you!!!!! To fast you find the other girls. I thought you will wait me until I fully cured but I'm wrong. So easy you said 'Iloveyou' 'Imissyou' but actually you not mean it. Suck! All man is same! Casanova! Shit! -.- Errr I'm not trust anyone more! They all just sweet talker to make woman melting to them. Jangan cakap kau suka aku padahal hakikatnyaaa kau suka orang lain bodohhhhh! :( 

That's why I love being single daripada nak terima jadi girlfriend korang! Macam ni lahh jadinyaa. I love to freedom! And can't do anything without permission them but only my parents! NO MORE LOVE! FULLSTOP! Defukkk.....

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